We are passionate and proud of the craft of the Blacksmith. We have worked hard at preserving the skills of the Blacksmith and encouraging younger generations to continue this old tradition.

Here at Jacks Bush Forge we have the skills to produce high quality items, these may be in the 'Traditional' style of the blacksmith or the more commercially viable option of combining the 'Traditional and Modern' aspects to produce quality items that should give many years of pleasure.

Traditional: This involves Forging, Forge welding, Riveting, Pinning and Collaring. Items are made by hand using the forge and anvil (photos 1 & 2).

Traditional and Modern: We will still hand forge some decorative parts but items will be welded (photo 3) and dressed (photo 4)and as many signs of welding are removed as possible or covered with collars to improve the overall finished item.

All our work is completed with attention to detail and checked before the finishing topcoats are applied.